5 Ideas for A Romantic Dinner on Valentine’s Day

5 Ideas for A Romantic Dinner on Valentine’s Day

How are you celebrating Valentine's Day with your partner this year? Whether you're the hopeless romantic type or the complete opposite, a romantic night in with a home-cooked dinner is a wonderful way to spend the holiday. After all, Aland D. Wolfelt once said, "Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate."

At Lakewood Meats & Sausages, we couldn't agree more with this sentiment. There's really nothing quite like a made-from-scratch meal to impress your sweetheart. Of course, we're partial to premium quality meats and hand-tied sausages, but there are no wrong choices as to what you should cook. To help inspire you, we've put together a list of our all-time favorite romantic dinner ideas. 

“For a romantic dinner, my husband and I love Veal Oscar -- with extra sauce, of course,” said Rochelle Holder, owner of Lakewood Meats & Sausage. 

1. Steak and potatoes

Who doesn't love this classic combination? Kick it up a notch for Valentine's Day by choosing a MasterChef USDA choice Rib Eye or New York steak, then serving it with always-impressive Hasselbeck potatoes. The unique presentation looks like you spent hours perfecting it!

2. Filet mignon

Widely considered one of the fanciest steaks there is, nothing says love quite like a well-prepared filet mignon. The best part is that it's relatively easy to prepare but feels extra-special. Prepare filet with a nice dark pink center, then serve with grilled asparagus, your favorite potato dish, and a classic sauce like red wine sauce or blue cheese sauce.

3. Spaghetti and meatballs

Level-up your comfort food game this Valentine's Day with this classic dish. Make your favorite meatballs and a simple, rustic red sauce, then serve over a bed of pasta — bonus points if it's homemade, too. 

4. Steak or chicken fajitas

Fajitas (and tacos, for that matter) are another dish that's super-simple to prepare, yet always packs a big punch in terms of presentation. Choose from one of our marinated flank steak or marinated chicken breast varieties (try marinated skirt steak or Jalapeno Lime chicken!), grill the meat, then serve it all in a big spread with several toppings. 

5. Short ribs

Short ribs are one of our go-to meats for any occasion because they're delicious, affordable, easy to prepare, and versatile. Try braising them in a red wine sauce and serving with polenta or pasta. 

If you really want to turn up the romance, make Valentine's Day dinner a complete meal with an appetizer and dessert. We've teamed up with a local cottage to bring our customers a variety of incredible scratch-made pies. Choose from several fruit or cream varieties like apple, peach, or chocolate cream.

So what will you make for Valentine's Day? Tag us on Instagram @lakewoodmeats and show us your creations! We love to connect with you on social media and we're honored to be part of your special occasions. Our butcher shop in Lodi is open Monday through Saturday, so stop by for all your premium quality meats. Our full-service website is also set up so you can buy meat online and have it shipped or pick it up.

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