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Rochelle Holder

Rochelle Holder never thought she would own a butcher shop, but here she is: the butcher’s daughter. Trying to shed a little light on an industry steeped in tradition, Rochelle invites everyone to come into her shop, look around, and enjoy the “meats” of her team’s labor. While you may not find Rochelle at the counter, she’s constantly working behind the scenes to maintain a strong rhythm for the business.

When she’s not busy snapping photos, working, or sharpening her knives, you can find Rochelle caring for her six children, making sure her husband is surviving his six-girls-to-one-boy ratio, and finding ways to bottle her children’s energy and harness it to rule the world.

When Bruce was fourteen, he was walking by Lakewood Meats on his way to his job washing dishes at the new Country Kitchen. Joe Roster asked him if he wanted a job. He took the job and never looked back. This year will be his 45th anniversary at Lakewood. He can still remember his first year…carpet on the floors, people smoking in the market, and him having to pick up the cigarette butts and emptying ashtrays at the end of a long day. (How times have changed.) Bruce is always ready to give a quality cut with superior service, and his love for people shows with his constant smile and steadfast dedication. For Bruce, the best part of his job is getting to know his customers. When not in the shop, you can find him working around the house, fishing, or spending time with his granddaughter.

Bruce Albers

Dave Trant has 12 years of butcher experience under his belt and has graced Lakewood with his presence for the last four years. When he’s not making delicious cuts to whet your appetite, or chatting you up at the counter, you can find him playing with his kids, doing chores around the house, or restoring old furniture.

Dave Trant

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