6 Foods to Eat on a Keto Diet

6 Foods to Eat on a Keto Diet

Regardless of what type of diet you personally follow — if any — you've likely heard about the keto diet. Keto, or ketogenic, diets involve eating very few carbs and lots of fats. There are similarities to other low-carb diets, but the main difference with keto is the high fat component. The idea behind following a high-fat, low-carb diet is to put the body into ketosis, a state which burns fat incredibly efficiently and converts it to energy. 

If you're wondering what foods to eat on the keto diet, you're in the right place. One of the primary foods you want to eat when you're following keto is meat and at Lakewood Meats & Sausage, prime cut meats are what we do best. Of course, there's more to it than just meat, so we've put together a list of the six best foods to eat on a keto diet. 

1. Red meat

It's true that keto isn't entirely about meat, but it is a huge component of this diet. Red meat especially is naturally low carb, so it's a good idea to center meals around it. Whether you keep it simple with a high-quality rib-eye steak or brown some grass-fed ground beef for burgers, Lakewood has a lot of keto-friendly prime cut meats

2. Natural fats

Fat is where calories come from on the keto diet, so they're super important. However, they certainly are not all created equal. Stick with natural, pure fat sources like olive oil and butter and avoid any with added sugar. 

3. Sausage

Sausage can be an excellent food for keto diet followers, but the key word is can. Several gourmet sausages including the smoked pork or beef bratwurst from our butcher shop, and the cheesy cheddar sausage, are keto-friendly because there are no fillers – just great meat. Avoid store-bought sausages that include fruit or other added sugars.

4. Cheese

Cheese is another excellent source of fat when you're following a keto diet, and one that most other diets don't allow for. Snack on it as-is or add it to salads, eggs, and other meals.

5. Eggs

Many people consider eggs a perfect food for the keto diet. One egg has less than one gram of carbohydrates, five grams of fat, and about six grams of protein. Eggs also help stabilize blood sugar and keep you feeling full longer. The best part is that you can prepare eggs any way you like!

6. Bacon

Did you know that bacon is keto-friendly? You may not consider it in the same category as other prime cut meats, but bacon is naturally low in carbs and calories, yet high in fat. And, of course, it's delicious.

For all your keto-friendly prime cut meats and gourmet sausages, stop into Lodi's best butcher shop, Lakewood Meats & Sausage. We're open Monday through Saturday, or you can order meat online for shipping or pickup. We'd also love to see what sort of keto creations you come up with, so connect with us on Instagram or Facebook!


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