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Bring Comfort and Warmth to Your Christmas Dinner with a Perfect Prime Rib

Bring Comfort and Warmth to Your Christmas Dinner with a Perfect Prime Rib

The holidays are here again. This special time of year is when families gather together to reminisce about the year past, plan for the future, and enjoy the company of loved ones.

As the big day approaches, you’ll often find everyone congregating in the kitchen preparing a delicious meal with all the trimmings. There’s something about a good home-cooked meal that promotes conversation, healing, and togetherness. As a tough year ends and a new one begins, warmth and connection is what everyone needs right now.

“Cooking always brings warmth into our home – everyone loves to congregate in the kitchen especially when someone is cooking a delicious meal. Home cooked meals bring conversation, healing, togetherness, connection and warmth, which is something we all need right now. Our prime ribs are very popular during the holiday season and all of them come with cooking instructions for a perfect prime rib roast,” explained Rochelle Holder, owner of Lakewood Meats & Sausage.  

This Christmas season, serve your guests a most-festive feast that includes a delectable slab of prime rib. Also referred to as a standing rib roast, prime rib is a juicy and tender cut of beef worthy of a spot on any holiday table.

Origin of Prime Rib

This popular cut of beef is derived from the animal’s primal rib, the area located behind the shoulder and above the lower back. The cut comes from ribs six through twelve and offers ample marbling which contributes to its flavor and juiciness. In fact, the primal cut holds some of the most tender muscles.

The origin of the prime rib is believed to lie in Great Britain. Those from British households recognized the standing rib roast as a traditional “Sunday Roast,” and would serve it with potatoes, stuffing, gravy, and vegetables. The meat would cook for long hours in the oven as the family attended church services.

Prime rib soon became a traditional Christmas meat, adorning the holiday tables of families in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Canada, the United States, and many other parts of the world. Each country has its own traditions that tie in with the serving of prime rib. For example, in Britain, Yorkshire pudding is traditionally served with roast beef at Christmas.

Cooking Prime Rib

The term “prime rib” can be a little misleading. Not all beef labeled “prime beef” in supermarkets is truly prime grade, which is the highest USDA beef grade available. Most grocery stores carry choice-grade, which has less marbling but still tasty, nonetheless.

To ensure a premium cut of beef, buy from your local butcher. Lakewood Meats & Sausage offers prime quality meats and hand-tied sausages that contain no fillers – just quality meat. Prime rib is a major seller during the holiday season and Lodi's best butcher makes it easy to prepare by providing convenient cooking instructions.

There are many ways to prepare prime rib. A sprinkle of salt, pepper and our special house seasoning can add plenty of flavor if you want to keep things simple. The roast can also be studded with garlic and slathered in oil to help produce a crispy outside coating.  The roast can then be placed in a roasting pan, fat side up, and cooked in the oven until it has reached its perfect doneness.

Prime Rib Holiday Dinner

A Christmas meal of prime rib can be a scrumptious alternative to the traditional ham or turkey dinner. Impress your guests this holiday season with a roasted holiday prime rib.


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