Top Turkey Tips!

Top Turkey Tips!

 Top Turkey Tips!

1) Patience- Thaw your turkey out 3-4 days prior to thanksgiving. The biggest mistake people make is cooking a semi-frozen turkey!

2) Season or Brine your bird over night. It’s important to have your bird season overnight so it can take on more of your dry seasoning or brine flavoring.

3) If you decide to go with a dry seasoning keep it simple- fried herbs and plenty of salt and pepper is always a crowd pleaser.

Evenly season outside and inside of your bird with:

Dried sage

Dried thyme

Garlic powder

Onion powder

Kosher salt

Cracked black pepper

4) Help your turkey cook evenly- don’t have a rack? No problem- grab tin foil and make a ring to place your bird on. You want heat to circulate evenly around the entire turkey.

5) 2 keys to Crispier skin- Let the skin dry out over night by leaving it uncovered in the fridge and adding butter underneath the skin. Crispy, buttery goodness!

6) Add wine or beer to your roasting pan- This will add more aromatics to your turkey and your drippings will taste fantastic for your gravy!

Download your own copy of Top Turkey Tips here: Top Turkey Tips PDF

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