Bay Area Meat Delivery

You will notice what looks a lot like meat variations when you walk through the local grocery store’s meat aisle. What is the difference between all presentations of the same meat type? It is easy to shop the excellent meat when you know the details of the best meat. You have to understand a broad sense of concepts to get the type of San Francisco meat delivery that satisfies your occasion.

What you will get from our butcher shop's meat selections

Fat content

The fat content of the best meat should be in-depth and delicious. It is easy to choose meat from the butcher shop because you can squeeze through the displays to feel the firmness. A heavy coat will contribute to juicier meat and taste. Pick the meat with whiter meat because the yellow one is typically from the older selection. Be aware that more aged beef has a more profound and mature taste for more intense cooking methods.

Some of our meats with the most visible fat will have intense and robust flavors. Luckily, we prepare most meats to have a decent presentation of fats that are easy to chew.


Meat from pork, lamb, and poultry is easy to consume because it is soft. The meat that undergoes tenderizing develops optimal taste and loses considerable liquid. The difference with our meat types is that we have specific preparation methods for different products.


Cheap meat is the equivalent of adding saltwater to intensify the taste. It is better to get one of our meat types than the cheaper priced option at the grocery. We estimate that we have average prices for our meat collections, with the kind of richness that makes for thick broth.

Types of Bay Area meat delivery

At Lakewood meats, we offer one of the best home meat delivery service. We have different San Francisco and Bay Area meat delivery for different purposes. You can get exclusive cuts from different animals, such as poultry and beef, for different dishes. The knowledge of our preparation allows us to sell more than ten assortments of meat. The uniform qualities of all types include:

  • Firmness
  • A dark and rich taste
  • Uniform color from the core to the edge
  • Evenly cut pieces
  • Precise cutting, margination and spicing


We have sausage types with intentional crafting and hand art for the perfect flavor and look. The preparation includes natural flavors, sea salt, sugar, red peppers, and spices that personalize the taste.


This meat is a specific type of fresh link sausage with origins from Germany. It has pork and veal and spicy seasoning from recipes in different regions of Germany. Brats are different from sausage because they have different preparation methods, including cooking, boiling, and steaming. Our range of Bratwurst meats includes smoked, beef, and Cheddar.


The sausage originates from Germany or France and has a rich and extensive tradition in making sausages. It had national fame as the best stuffing for bread and is typical for Cajun cooking. We have valid Andouille types with loving crafting from our German-inspired recipes.

Check out our site if you want to purchase meat in bulk orders from wholesale meat suppliers in the Bay Area that will make the cooking and eating a pleasant breeze.

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