Lodi Meat

Delivering goods and services after purchase is no longer a new concept. In fact, it is a norm rather than an exception. At Lakewood Meats and Sausage, we offer unmatched meat delivery services when it comes to ordering Lodi meat. You no longer need to make long stretches or go for an inconvenient drive. You can simply use our fast and reliable delivery services. And the best part is, our butchers love putting together your order with the best cuts.

Delivery and Pickup Options

If you’re unable to drive to our store, we have put up a user-friendly, convenient online shopping option. Alternatively, you can call us with details of your order for same-day meat delivery in California. However, if you prefer in-person service at our store, you can order and pick it up later. Here’s how these two options work. 

Delivery Option

Happy animals make for delicious meals. In view of this, we always ensure that we source the best meats where the animals are raised humanely. This is mostly done on a farm where the animals grow together in a herd as they walk on grass. We have set new standards in the meat market in Lodi. Our animals are slaughtered following a humane treatment before being transported to our location. We believe it's ethical to give animals humane treatment, and the right treatment and handling of meat impact the beef quality.

We have one of the best chefs well trained in making a variety of meat options and meat products you can enjoy. In addition, we have award-winning recipes you can try out. If you're looking for our gourmet market meats and sausage to be delivered to your door, you're in luck! Once you place your order, we prepare it professionally and package it under careful supervision. Your meat is then delivered to your desired address. 

Countrywide Shipping

If you’re a fan of our famous and delicious Lodi sausage, we ship the our gourmet market meats and sausage countrywide. To make sure our meat and meat products stay fresh, our Lakewood meats and sausage delivery service also offers overnight and 2-day shipping services. However, you may incur additional costs for an order to get to you in Hawaii or Alaska. Please bear in mind that we don't deliver to P.O. boxes. 

Pick Up Options

We have an enthusiastic and dedicated team of butchers who thrive in the happiness of our customers. When you choose to visit our Lodi sausage and meat store to pick up your order or select the items you require in person, we’re always more than delighted to see you. Besides, our 50-year-old establishment has thrived over the years by offering in-person services and quality and prime cuts. 

When you visit our Lodi sausage company, you will be welcomed by professional butchers. If you’re a regular, we take pride in knowing your order and giving you the old school cuts just the way you like it. If you want your meal prepared, we’ll gladly do it for you.

Get Your Meat from Us Today

Meat is a great delicacy. Whichever way you love to enjoy your Lodi meat, whether roasted, pan-fried, or made into sumptuous, unforgettable meat products, we got you covered. Contact us or place your order now. 

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