Meat Delivery Sacramento

We all like to consider ourselves lucky when we can get down on burgers, meat, and other meat products that are from the healthiest grass-fed livestock. Many grocery stores are experiencing meat shortages because of the current Covid-19 pandemic. Many carnivores consider swiping to a plant-based diet because they do not trust the practice of the favorite meat delivery in Sacramento.

Tips on choosing the best meat delivery service


Our meat delivery service has grown since the 1960s to adapt to the most devastating and impressive changes in technology. All products in our store undergo the highest sanitization services for responsible business. All meat is free of contaminants because we are watchful of the preparation and packaging. The most honest review of our service reveals that the heritage of our meat continues to observe high health standards.

Understand the business

Lakewoods Meat and Sausage is a meat distributor and not a farm or physical grocery store. We work with different farmers to purchase meat in bulk orders every month. Are you interested in buying better meat? You have better chances of getting the healthiest choice when you shop from a distributor who cares about the source of the merchandise.

Our meat suppliers use special techniques to keep the animals in a happy state. They do not live on hormones or inhumane treatment to yield better farming results. We prioritize practices that favor healthy living, such as sun exposure and living on grass. Therefore, our customers get the best meat because we monitor all meat production services to continue cooperation with the meat seller.

The final meat package you receive is because we choose the health-conscious wholesale meat suppliers in Sacramento. The cuts have a rich color and texture that signifies the health and packaging integrity of the business.

Working process

We do not have a monthly subscription service to distribute meat. You can choose the kind of meat you want with every single purchase and add as many more items to the cart as possible. Your package options include the following:

  • Alabama sausage
  • Andouille
  • Apple sausage
  • Beef bratwurst
  • Cheddar bratwurst
  • House seasoning

You can select the type of meat and the exact portions according to the order specifications. You want to pick a meat delivery in the Sacramento, CA that has flexible shopping options to ensure you can get the most diverse shopping experience.

Delivery service

The delivery timeline of the meat is crucial in ensuring you receive the meat in its perfect state. We ship all meat within two shipping days to ensure freshness. All orders go through careful sanitization as they leave the store. We have an overnight shipping program and do not ship to PO boxes for faster delivery. Shipping to Alaska and Canada costs slightly more because of the more express shipping program.

Our meat business continues to thrive after six decades because we prioritize the Sacramento California meat delivery timeline and quality of meat. The variety of cuts retain creativity in the kitchen and ensure you get only top-notch delivery for gorgeous steaks. Make your order now and witness the quality of the entire purchase, delivery, and meat.

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